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Prevention is just as important


Key to keeping your newly restored wooden floor looking good is to ensure you have made a worthwhile investment by protecting it from further wear and tear. This can be achieved by using floor mats where possible to keep marks and scuffs at bay. By using good floor mats, this is one of the easiest ways to protect your flooring.


Additionally, through asking pupils to wear specific shoes that are clean and non-scratching when using

the school hall, this can make a big difference to how long your restored wooden floor lasts. It is best to

limit how frequently street shoes come into contact with it.


Remember to keep it clean


Cleaning the wood flooring frequently is equally beneficial, especially if there are any spillages. The

quicker these are cleaned up, the better, as it stops the moisture from seeping into the wood and lifting

any of the lacquer. Your wood floor should be dusted daily to get rid of any dirt, and also mopped with

appropriate chemicals. It is always worth checking what you are able to use on your flooring to ensure

certain products don't affect the quality of the wood floor restoration. 


If you have any big events occurring in the school hall, you may want to consider covering the floor with a protective mat. This can especially help if you will have attendees wearing high heels, which can ruin beautifully finished wood floors.


Be sure to contact the team at The School Floor Renovation Co. for further guidance and to keep your school's hall floor in good condition.

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Find one who knows its stuff.


Such as the Harlow Floor Sanding Experts


         -restoring thousands of wooden floors over the past 20 years


         -with the best advice for your floor’s repair, sanding and resealing


         -every kind of surface: solid wooden boards; engineered; parquet blocks


         -a beautiful new look for floors of any age and level of condition


         -and a unique collection system with 99% dust free sanding machines...


The obvious choice - the Harlow Floor Sanding Company!


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Old Harlow village retains its identity and character.  The parish church of St Mary has an old chest and a good collection of brasses.


Its monuments include two to recipients of the Victoria Cross in the Great War: Sir Evelyn Wood and Colonel John Neville Marshall.


Marshall earned his VC a few days before the Armistice, leading his men to retake a broken bridge - and falling as he rushed across it.


The 1930s Hollywood actress, Jean Harlow, would have been surprised to have had a pub named after her within an English new town.  There’s no record of the famous Platinum Blonde ever having visited her namesake (ok – her real name was Harlean Carpenter) although one suspects she would have enjoyed the chance of the odd cocktail.


She is remembered for her good-natured sex appeal that constantly pushed the boundaries within her films - helping to bring on the restrictions of the infamous Hollywood Code.  She wisecracked her way through such entertaining movies as Hell’s Angels, Public Enemy, Red Dust and Dinner at Eight.


Thrice married, she managed to survive the scandal of one of her husband’s notorious suicide - or possible murder - two months after their marriage.  


The rumour spread that she did not survive the misfortune of having a Christian Scientist for a mother.  When Jean fell ill, so went the story, her mother refused to allow treatment.  


It would make a juicy plot for a film, but the facts are more mundane, yet still tragic. Jean died from then incurable kidney disease aged 26 - at the height of her stardom.

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With over 24 years of sanding knowledge, we're diligent on making sure that your wooden floors

will always get  the best possible renovation service.



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A lot of schools - especially older ones - will have a wooden floor in their school hall. It is a very sustainable, eco-friendly and attractive choice of flooring. However, given the frequency that it is used and how much wear and tear exposure it will experience, there's often a need for restoring school halls and their wood floors. This is straight-forward to do and can get the flooring looking as good as it was when it was first installed - if not better. 


It can be executed through wood floor repairs to any damaged parts, as well as high-quality floor sanding and varnishing. Not only will the whole room look different, but it will also enable the flooring to last longer. Once it has been restored, you can also add any extra markings required %28 for example, court markings in a gymnasium %29.

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Restoring wooden floor in school halls